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Snowbee Line Slick

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The Snowbee Line Slick reduces friction on your line when passing through your rod eyes, increases line speed and protection for your line.

This Line Slick coats your fly line in a lubricant to help reduce any kind of friction or resistance when your line is passing through your rod guides. Not only will this fluid reduce friction, it will also help improve fly line speed and will help protect your fly lines from the effects of harmful chemicals and damage.

To use this line slick simply place a few drops of fluid onto a dry cloth, kitchen roll or soft paper towel. Then gently pull your line through the cloth and remove any excess fluid by repeating this process on a dry piece of cloth.

Once you are finished, hang your line in large wide coils on a clothes peg or lay down in loose coils on a sheet of clean newspaper and allow to dry fully before re-spooling.

The Snowbee Line Slick is provided in a small bottle with a screw on cap.

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Snowbee Line Slick

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