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FNF Chewing Gum 3 mm Dark Olive

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The Frozen North Fly Fishing Chewing Gum chenille is a very popular, super soft and rubbery material that makes it perfect for fly tying bodies and chewing gum worms. This material gained a huge following when it was featured in an article in theTotal Fly Fisher magazine.

This chenille is a rubberised material that has 3mm fibres and is mounted on a nano core which allows it to be easily stripped off to tie in. The material also has a very soft and natural curl to it so when movement is added; it will curl out and retract, like a real worm! The chenille chewing gum material is also very lumpy which adds more to its life like appearance.

This gum, rubber like chenille is buoyant so when tied into a fly pattern, it will slow down your fly’s sink rate. The slow sinking of the fly allows it to remain in the feeding zone for longer which is absolutely deadly, especially when the material is used for creating worm patterns. You can also tie in a bead if you want to fish it under a bung.

The Frozen North Fly Fishing Chewing Gum is supplied in a generous pack size and is available in a variety of colours 

Chewing Gum 3mm chenille
Very popular material
Mounted on a nano core
Ideal for bodies and tying worm patterns
Lumpy, rubber material with natural curl to it
Buoyant properties that make flies sink slower

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FNF Chewing Gum 3 mm Dark Olive

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